1 DECEMBER 2021 in Our Blog

Clucking Good News….


The evening was cold, the drinks were flowing, the stage was set…after a show of resilience across the past two years in the Chicken Coop some of the UK’s top Chicken Chaps were ready to celebrate in the name of the Colonel!

The KFC UKI Franchise Awards are a prestigious event that sees to leaders of each of the KFC businesses come together to celebrate the successes of the brand. QFM group have been a partner of Yum! Brands for almost 40 years and are a proud ambassador of such an incredible institution.

On the night, QFM Group were awarded not one….not two….but three accolades!

Firstly the Famously Fast Good Award 2021 was given to the group for the fantastic work on Restaurant Refreshers and New Openings. They have prided themselves on expansion across the North with some brilliant looking assets arriving in new locations to bring Chicken to the masses!

Secondly the Group were awarded Partner of the Year 2021  for all of the outstanding contribution that they have made to the survival of the brand through the pandemic. The teams have worked perilously hard to keep the Fries flowing and were thanked for their passion and resilience!

And the Third and Final Award was a truly deserved nod to the Fantastic Carolann Denne who is Operations Director for the Brand. Carolann was recognised for her incredible World Class Leadership of the QFM Group KFC Business. Carolann has worked for the group for over two years and has been a key player in transforming the culture and feel of the restaurants for her team and guests.

A successful night for a passionate team and one that will be remembered for years to come…QFM Group’s chickens were brave enough to keep going to cross the road of the pandemic and all that the last two years have brought, and they most definitely have reached the other side!

Congratulations to all!

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