4 FEBRUARY 2021 in Our Blog

A day in the life of Area Coach Paul!

My role is to engage, inspire and coach my Restaurant Leaders and I love it!

My day always starts by making phone calls to each store to make sure they are all thinking about our customers and how they will engage with their store teams. This gives me the perfect opportunity to follow up on previous actions and to make sure they are all raring to go to be the BEST Taco Bell in the UK (I am not kidding about this).

My working week depends on which week of the month we are on. Week one is always people week, my FAVOURITE. This means that I get to spend some quality time to coach my team in people leadership and the fundamentals of people metrics, hiring, retention, training, planning and coaching.

Week two, well that’s Customer Week; this is the week to complete operations-based audits and get into the detail behind each strategic metric. My team love Customer week as it gives me lots of opportunities to catch them doing it right… recognition and celebrations normally go hand in hand in Customer Week. When I am at the store, I am focussed on coaching the team to deliver the best operations to the customers…Laptops are put away and it’s on with the hats and gloves!

My journey home gives me some more chances to make some calls and follow up on some key actions. I will give my coach a call too… it’s always good to download and celebrate the best parts of my team! Once home; sometimes I am on hand for any issues that may arise, but these are few and far between; I minimise these issues by starting my day right and giving my team the best coaching and direction so they can deal with their own issues really well.

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